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 Beyond Reasonable

Independent Attorney: 

It seems to me that here are two options here: 

(a) pay 'D' 10 million euros as settlement out of court 

(b) get a criminal record, pay State fines, bribes to some employees and others etc., estimated at about 25 billion euros and there is no certainty that this option will be successful, because "D" may still sue you.


Deep inside me, I hate 'D' with a passion. I don't want him to have any money. My son and other my attorney have already committed perjury somewhere else. If "D" is able to proof any of these things happened, my son and other attorney are going to jail. I prefer to pay bribes of 25 billion euros. Make sure everything is covered up. Completely non-traceable. If there is no evidence, I cannot get criminal record.

Deep Pocket

Corrupt Financial Insurance Organization:

We do not trust that 'D'. He is too dangerous ... we have already committed perjury ... we do not belief D's Doctor ... this is fight to finish ... we are not giving him any money ... in any event, it is the Judge's fault. I have not seen a well pleaded particulars of claim than that particulars before ... the government has a lot to answer for in this matter ...

Local Power

"... We are aware of, part of, contributed to and/or negligent in so much atrocities committed against 'D' ... We have even perjured ourselves, thanks to that stupid solicitor ... We don't want to give 'D' money that he may later use to pay for our prosecution ... He left here to fight in Syria ... those ones have now abandoned him ... We are not giving him anything ... We will be paying people to help cover up all these things ..."

Ministry of Money

"... We don't want to give 'D' money or borrow him any money ... He may escape the country and that will create more difficulities for us in keeping all these things covered up ..."

Charity Scandal

"... I overheard that some charity guys here in the United States, are the people that stole my belongings which I left kept in their storage room, because they want to be listed on my website as Defendant. If that is true, it is so idiotic. That is stupidity, low IQ ... I do not necessarily have to list idiots on my website. That does not mean that they will not be prosecuted if there is evidence ..."

Top Bank

"... We are specialists in hacking ... no need to run ... open your eyes to human slavery ..."

",,, Tell the insurance company you mean business, by hiring a powerful firm of solicitors ..."

Show Me The Evidence

"... Do you really expect me to believe that she is responsible for sending people to pick pocket me, whilst I was sleeping ... show me the evidence ... if true, she would be off this website in no time and matter reported to Police. She does not work here ..."

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Excerpts from "The Fall of Idiots" by Prof David Abiodun KGB Onafeko(Coming Out Soon)

David Olaniyi Oyedepo :"... Be careful what you say or do ... you will be destroyed ..."

"T.D. Jakes :"... I just saved someone from being killed ..."

Pope Francis :"... we didn't know it will be this expensive ..."

David Abiodun KGB Onafeko :"... I refuse to submit to money laundering, church donations thief, financial terrorist, especially when the financial terrorist has not contributed a penny to my life, except use stolen church money to bribe people to cover up his criminal behavior ... and whose claim for a holy life is nothing but fraud ..."

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron :"... if it is his money you people are spending, let us know ..."

David Abiodun KGB Onafeko : "... The financial terrorist threatened my life ... the financial terrorist threatened me with destruction ... the financial terrorist said he was going to be paying other people for ... the financial terrorist boasted and boasted and boasted ... he said he is so rich that he never uses the word 'need'... he said he would make sure that I am never able to proof any of it happened ... I refuse to be silenced by silly threats or illegal actions ... "

Former US president Barack Obama :"... we didn't know that he is our ..."

David Abiodun KGB Onafeko : "... I have never met them before. Anything they say in this matter is most probably from the materials they stole from me or hacked from my website servers ... "

T.D. Jakes :"... No Access ...  Peace ..."

David Abiodun KGB Onafeko :"... To be fair on the financial terrorist, he verbally awarded me 'PhD in Engineering', without any documentary evidence. Something that does not add any money to my pocket. A terrible human being ..."

Excerpts from "The Ineffective Civil Judicial System" by Prof. David Abiodun KGB Onafeko(Coming Out Soon)

David Abiodun KGB Onafeko :"... I feel that Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court of United States was right with respect of his comments that illegality means illegality in government action. The question is whether this principle is applicable with respect to a court. I respectfully submit that if Supreme Court, United States or United Kingdom, deliberately does something in contravention international laws which the country has agreed to, or deliberately keeps silent, such as in matters of effective remedy as provided by the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, it may well be viewed as the court acting illegally. The question is, who is entitled to rectify this, if the court involved fails or refuses to make necessary correction(s) ... The United Nations Secretary General is not talking about this, for fear of losing membership fees, I think ..."

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guteries :"... now you know I can talk if I want ..."


Vacancy - Legal Clerk

Law Clerk Job Responsibilities and/or Duties :

1. To provide support and administrative services, complete paperwork, file documents, communicate with clients, set appointments and meetings and manage reception duties as may be required.

2. To assemble and organize information for legal documents; research law; assemble case materials; writing reports and memoranda.

3. To prepare legal drafts by assembling and organizing information for legal forms and documents, including complaints, declarations, discovery requests, responses, and other pleadings.

4. To research laws, statutes, constitutions, regulations, court opinions, including precedents and reasoning, and trends using standard print texts and computers; preparing legal memoranda.

5. To assemble case materials by collecting, organizing, and summarizing information, documents, reports, and evidence.

6. To prepares for trial by preparing trial briefs, exhibits, subpoenas, evidence, and motions.

7. To Maintain calendar by entering and updating requirements, court dates, and meetings.

8. To protect organization's reputation by keeping information confidential and any other duties or responsibilities as may be required of the legal clerk

Law Clerk Skills and Qualifications:

Confidentiality, Contact Skills, Legal Administration Skills, Legal Compliance, Litigation, Administrative Writing Skills, Documentation and Computerized Skills, Word Processing , Scheduling, Verbal Communication.

Salary: Negotiable

Application Closing Date : 

30th March, 2021

Application Method :

Interested applicant must send CV and cover letter by email to  

and by post to:

58 Peregrine Road, Office 49, Hainault, Ilford, Essex IG6 3SZ, UK.