about HACRC president

Prof. David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko

B.Sc (Hons) Bus Admin., PhD (Hons) Human Rights


HACRC President, David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko. is a divorced father of three sons, all born, raised, educated or educating and residing in the United Kingdom.

He has a justice and anti-corruption campaign/record, including anti-financial terrorism and extensive human rights credentials. He has a long time record of trying to end or change some ineffective civil judicial systems around the world. His original background is business, management, consultancy and accounting. He has been personally involved with litigation against governments, government agencies, local authorities, banks, multinational companies, etc.

He has travelled around the world. He is very independent and himself, was a victim of Injustice, Fraud, Conspiracy, Harassment, Torture, Manipulations, Religious Extremism, Financial Terrorism, etc.


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